Tools & Scales

We have developed several scales which are used in experiments that address memory aging knowledge and the expression of ageism in daily life.


The Knowledge of Memory and Aging Questionnaire (KMAQ) is a 28 Item true/false measure to determine participants’ knowledge of normal aging memory and pathological memory changes.


Cherry, K. E., Brigman, S., Reese-Melancon, C. M., Burton-Chase, A, & Holland, K. (2013).  Memory aging knowledge and memory self-appraisal in younger and older adults.  Educational Gerontology, 39, 168-178. Download pdf

Cherry, K. E.,Brigman, S., Hawley, K. S., & Reese, C. M. (2003). The Knowledge of Memory Aging Questionnaire: Effects of adding a “don’t know” response option.Educational Gerontology, 29, 427-446. Download pdf

Jackson,E.M.,Cherry, K. E.,Smitherman, E. A. & Hawley, K. S. (2008). Knowledge of memory and aging and Alzheimer’s disease in college students and mental health professionals. Aging and Mental Health, 12 (2),258-266. Download pdf


The Relating to Older People Evaluation (ROPE) is a 20 item questionnaire that addresses positive and negative ageist behaviors and is used as a self-report measure of ageism.


Cherry, K. E.& Palmore, E.B. (2008). The relating to older people evaluation (ROPE): A measure of self-reported ageism.Educational Gerontology, 34,849-861.Download pdf




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